Keystone – A Modern Air Gapped Hardware Wallet With Multisig Functionality

keystone hardware wallet

Keystone hardware wallets deliver superior security and reliability for users seeking the ultimate protection for their Bitcoin and diverse digital assets. These open source (?) hardware devices offer standout security measures, including air gapped signing (?), triple secure element chips, advanced PCI-level anti-tamper feature and multi-seed phrase (?) support.

The design of Keystone wallets prioritises your digital safety by isolating your private key (?) offline to shield it from potential cyber threats. By storing your private key separately from vulnerable devices such as computers or smartphones. Your digital assets remain secure.

But Keystone does not compromise user experience for security. The devices feature a vivid color touchscreen and a fingerprint scanner for easy and secure access. Plus, with their compact and sleek design, Keystone wallets blend mobility with style.

Enhance the security and accessibility of your digital assets with a Keystone hardware wallet. A perfect blend of advanced security features and user-friendly design.

NOTE: At this moment multisig is not yet supported. It will come very soon in a future firmware upgrade!

Keystone Features

features keystone

Renowned for their superior security features and innovative technology, Keystone hardware wallets have established themselves as an ideal solution for storing digital assets. These wallets tackle the issue of blind signing by ensuring all transaction details are presented in a clear and understandable manner prior to approval. This enhances both transparency and security. Additional security measures include fingerprint authentication, the implementation of Shamir’s Secret Sharing (?), dice entropy and a self-destruct feature.

The latest offerings, the Keystone 3 & 3 Pro, stand out due to their sleek and durable design. These models are more compact, lighter, and thinner compared to previous versions. Further, they offer a significantly longer battery life, made possible by Keystone’s proprietary embedded system technology. Keystone hardware wallets boast extensive compatibility with multiple software wallets and derivation paths (?), which fortifies their protection against potential single-point failures. What sets them apart is their air gapped mode that delivers premium security. This feature disables USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Choosing to rely on QR codes for secure data transmission instead.

This combination of advanced security features, user-friendly design and broad compatibility make this hardware wallet a leading choice for secure digital asset management. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto investor or a newcomer, this amazing signing device provides an optimal blend of convenience and security for your digital assets.

General Features

Keystone 3 ProKeystone 3
USABILITYrating 4.5 starrating 4.5 star
TRUSTrating 4 starrating 4 star
SECURITYrating 4.5 starrating 4.5 star
OPEN SOURCEAuditable Source CodeAuditable Source Code
BITCOIN ONLYOptionalOptional
SECURE CHIP3x Secure ElementYES
TOR SUPPORTDepending On Used WalletDepending On Used Wallet
TRICK PINSelf DestructSelf Destruct

Multisig Features

Keystone 3 ProKeystone 3
COMPATIBILITYrating 4 starrating 4 star

Keystone 3 Pro VS Keystone 3

keystone 3 vs keystone 3 pro

When it comes to air gapped hardware wallets, both the Model 3 and Model 3 Pro from Keystone stand out for their exceptional functionality. The Model 3 Pro, however, takes security a step further. Offering the possibility to create up to three backup seeds and equipped with three secure chips.

It also boasts an advanced anti-tamper feature which makes it even more robust in protecting your digital assets. Whether it’s the Model 3 or Model 3 Pro: Both devices make an ideal choice for enhancing a secure multisig setup. So, if you’re prioritising top-tier security in managing your Bitcoin, Keystone’s hardware wallets are definitely worth considering.

buy keystone 3 pro

Keystone 3 Pro

Secure your Bitcoin like never before with the Keystone 3 Pro. Your ultimate QR air gapped hardware wallet. Guaranteeing unparalleled security, it can create up to 3 backup seeds, protecting your digital assets from all contingencies. Bask in its triple secure elements and be astonished by the innovative Split backup using Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme, ensuring your funds are safe, even when one share of the seed is compromised. Perfect for multisig, the Keystone 3 Pro is not just a wallet, it’s a fortress for your Bitcoin holdings.

Keystone 3

Coming Soon!

Attacks Keystone Protects Against

attacks keystone defends against

Optimise your Bitcoin security with the Keystone hardware wallet. A robust device designed to withstand both physical and digital attacks. Equipped with a triple secure element, the Keystone signing device ensures optimal protection against a wide array of threats. Its unique air gapped signing via QR code, dice entropy and anti-tamper features make it notably resistant to most known attacks.

This high level of security makes this device an ideal choice, whether as a signer in a multisig setup or for singlesig cold storage (?). Safeguard your digital assets with the trust and reliability that Keystone provides. Not only does it secure your cryptocurrencies, but it also provides peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital world. Don’t compromise on your crypto security. Invest in a Keystone hardware wallet today.

Keystone 3 ProKeystone 3
Supply Chain AttackGood, Tamper evident bag and device verificationGood, Tamper evident bag and device verification
Evil Maid / Trojan Horse AttackPerfect, PCI Anti-tamper FeatureGood, Anti-tamper Feature
Seed ExtractionVery Good, Pin and 3x Secure ElementGood, Pin And Secure Element
Online HacksPerfect, QR and SD Card air gapPerfect, QR and SD Card air gap
Random Nr Generator AttackPerfect, Roll ‘n dice key generationPerfect, Roll ‘n dice key generation
Backdoor Secure ElementPerfect, Multi Vendor Triple Secure ElementGood, Secure Element

How To Setup The Keystone Device?

how to setup a keystone signing device

Setting up your Keystone hardware wallet is a simple, streamlined process. Start off by installing the batteries and powering on the device. The intuitive 4-inch touch screen helps you to create an alpha-numeric password with ease. You then have the choice to either import an existing wallet or create a new one. The critical step involves writing down your unique 24-word seed phrase on one of the provided cards. After recording the phrase, you move on to typing it into your device.

With the hardware setup, the next step is to download the Keystone mobile app. This app will help you to bind your wallet to your mobile device using a QR code scan. You have the flexibility to add your preferred cryptocurrencies to your wallet. Beware that the keys on the touch screen are small and require precise input; mistakes can occur easily initially. Also, remember that each cryptocurrency transaction necessitates a new QR code scan.

To complement your Keystone wallet, consider having a Micro SD card with a storage capacity between 8GB and 512 GB. If you’re using a Mac that doesn’t have a USB port, a Macbook USB adapter will also be required. Along with a Micro SD card adapter and a Micro SD card reader.

One of the standout features of the Keystone wallet is its unique ability to decode transaction details prior to signing them, significantly reducing the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks. As always, treat your seed phrase with optimal care and take full advantage of the robust security features offered by Keystone.

How To Send Bitcoin Or Sign For A Multisig Setup?

send bitcoin and sign for multisig

Your Keystone device is equipped with a QR code which can be found by navigating to the Multisig Wallet option, then to the Signing History and finally clicking on the Scan icon. Upon scanning the QR code with your Keystone device, you’ll be asked to verify the transaction and provide your device’s passphrase authentication. Following your confirmation, select the option, “Got It, I’m Ready to Scan.”

Initiating a transaction involves deciding upon the amount you want to send and the recipient’s address. Subsequently, you’ll sign the transaction using your Keystone device. The transaction’s signature will be stored on the micro SD card, preparing it for transfer back to your computer, thus completing the signing process. Remove the micro SD card from the Keystone device and insert it into your computer.

On your web browser, proceed by clicking “Next” and uploading the “-part.psbt” file by dragging and dropping it into the designated window. We highly advise deleting the “-part.psbt” file from the micro SD card once the upload is complete for security reasons. If your multisig transaction necessitates additional signatures, those will need to be applied individually. Once all the necessary signatures are added, hit “Complete Transaction” to transmit your transaction to the network.

Leverage Keystone’s unique feature that deciphers transaction details prior to signing them, offering additional protection from potential phishing attacks. It’s crucial to handle your seed phrase cautiously and take advantage of the sophisticated security features provided by Keystone.

The Company Profile

company profile

Keystone is a pioneering company in the cryptocurrency security industry, renowned for its state-of-the-art hardware wallets. They are dedicated to ensuring that digital assets are stored securely, mitigating the risks associated with hacking and unauthorized access.

The company’s flagship product the Keystone hardware wallet, is an open-source wallet that resonates with its commitment to transparency and user empowerment. This device is engineered to be air gapped, meaning it communicates with the companion app on your smartphone through QR codes. A feature that ensures the highest level of security by physically isolating your private keys from the internet.

The mission of the company is to create products that prioritise security without compromising on usability. The company boasts an impressive track record, with a reputation built on the principles of trust, safety and simplicity. With a focus on continuous innovation. Keystone is committed to staying ahead of the curve. Developing hardware wallets that meet and exceed the needs of cryptocurrency users worldwide.

In conclusion, Keystone is a standard-bearer in the field of cryptocurrency security. Providing robust and user-friendly solutions for safekeeping digital assets. Their hardware wallets are a testament to their innovative approach and commitment to secure and decentralised finance.

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