Blockstream Jade, The Cheapest Hardware Wallet With Advanced Security Features

With the Blockstream Jade You Will Never Worry About Your Life Savings Again

blockstream jade
The Blockstream Jade is a cheap but advanced signing device that let you sign air-gapped with QR codes
hardware wallet with qr air gap
With QR air-gapped signing you can transmit data safely between your hardware wallet and the online device

Are you worried that your hard-earned bitcoins get stolen?

That hackers break into your wallet and all your bitcoins are gone? Or a thief sneaks into your home and cracks your hardware device? The Blockstream Jade will protect you against both scenario’s. It’s cheap!

With the Blockstream Jade you can enjoy advanced features for the price of a simple traditional hardware device. It supports air gapped signing with QR codes.

This gives you an impenetrable wall of air between your online device and your private keys (?). Hackers won’t be able to reach your bitcoins. The virtual secure element gives you great protection against physical attacks.

The device supports Liquid. It let you transact cheaply in high fee environments. It enables you to use USDT to avoid volatility too. You can trust the software on this device. It’s fully open source. You want extreme security? The Jade also supports multisig.

You want to be sure the manufacturer is trustworthy? Blockstream is a highly respected O.G. company that produces high quality Bitcoin products and services from 2014. The Jade is definitely one of the hardware wallets you can trust.

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Blockstream Jade Features

virtual chip

Blockstream Jade is a premier hardware wallet that provides robust security for your Bitcoin and Liquid assets. Crafted by experts with deep knowledge of Bitcoin, Blockstream Jade effectively minimises known attack avenues. With its unique capability to support multisignature, this device is an ideal choice for individuals seeking an enhanced level of security through multisig cold storage.

The seamless integration with Blockstream Green enables a straightforward setup for multisig options. Blockstream Jade stands as a testament to transparent and secure technology with its entirely open source (?) hardware and software and benefits from constant developmental updates from Blockstream.

One of the defining features of Blockstream Jade is its unique virtual secure element. This feature amplifies its security measures, all the while preserving its open source commitment. Blockstream Jade is the most affordable reputable air gapped hardware wallet available today. Bringing advanced security within everyone’s reach.

The combination of an intuitive user interface with advanced features makes Blockstream Jade a compelling choice for both beginners delving into hardware wallet usage and veteran self-custodians. Moreover, its future-proof design ensures compatibility with upcoming Bitcoin updates and Liquid assets. Making it an investment that promises to keep your digital assets secure for years to come.

General Features

Blockstream Jade
USABILITYrating 4 star
TRUSTrating 4 star
SECURITYrating 4.5 star
OPEN SOURCEFully Open Source
BITCOIN ONLYBitcoin & Liquid
SECURE CHIPVirtual Secure Element
TOR SUPPORTDepending On Used Wallet
ROLL’ N DICEYES, but quite complicated
TRICK PINYES, Duress Wallet

Multisig Features

Blockstream Jade
COMPATIBILITYrating 4 star

Buy A Blockstream Jade Signing Device

buy a blockstream jade signing device

Experience the next level of digital asset security with Blockstream Jade, a pioneering hardware wallet designed for the secure management of your Bitcoin and Liquid assets. This advanced signing device uniquely employs QR codes for transaction data,. Ensuring a secure, contactless link between the wallet and your chosen Bitcoin client or software wallet. Thanks to its support for Liquid assets, a sophisticated layer-2 Bitcoin solution, Blockstream Jade presents a reliable platform for fast, confidential transactions across a wide range of digital assets.

With its high-resolution display and easy-to-use button controls, This signing device simplifies transaction confirmations and navigation. Its user-friendly interface caters to both seasoned Bitcoin enthusiasts and beginners alike, making the task of managing Bitcoin and Liquid investments straightforward and efficient. Purchase your Blockstream Jade directly from Blockstream for an affordable price of $64.99. Click on the button below for a seamless buying experience.

The Blockstream Jade hardware wallet with its groundbreaking security features and user-friendly design, takes your Bitcoin management to a new level of ease and convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a digital currency novice, Blockstream Jade is the best choice for your Bitcoin and Liquid asset needs. You will get 10% discount if you use our code: MULTISIGSIGNER

Attacks The Blockstream Jade Protects Against

attacks the signing device defends against

Blockstream Jade, a distinct hardware wallet, is revolutionising the security dynamics of digital assets. Unlike traditional devices that struggle to strike a balance between open source insecure chips and closed source secure chips. Blockstream Jade triumphs with its innovative virtual chip solution. This ingenious approach ensures that the private key (?) isn’t physically stored on the device, but is encrypted via an open source blind oracle.

Accessing the private key involves an intricate combination of a user’s pin code and the encrypted secret from the oracle. A novel method that guarantees the private key is not restricted to the device, thus eliminating the need for its protection by a secure chip and ensuring verifiability. Key features that set Blockstream Jade apart include air gapped signing as a default function and the game-changing Anti-Exfil feature.

Kind Of AttackBlockstream Jade
Supply Chain AttackPoor
Evil Maid / Trojan Horse AttackGood, Pin Code And Optional Passphrase
Seed ExtractionPerfect, Blinded Oracle, Seed Not Stored On Device
Private Key LeakagePerfect, Anti-Exfil
Online HacksPerfect, QR Code Air Gap
Random Nr Generator AttackGood, Open Source Random Nr. Generator
Backdoor Secure Element Perfect, , No Secure Element, But Virtual Element

Multisignature With Blockstream Jade

multisig with blockstream jade

Blockstream Jade emerges as a top contender in the realm of hardware devices, especially for multisig transactions. Despite its cost-effective nature, Jade doesn’t compromise on security. Making it an ideal choice for air gapped multisig configurations. Its compatibility with a broad range of multisig wallets and user-friendly interface further enhance its appeal. What sets Jade apart is its unique security model.

When used in tandem with other hardware devices, Jade’s strengths help to offset their weaknesses, and vice versa. This diversified approach leads to a significant enhancement in overall security. Therefore, when it comes to balancing cost, ease-of-use and robust security. Blockstream Jade is a hardware wallet worth considering.

How To Setup the Blockstream Jade?

how to setup blockstream jade

Here’s a comprehensive yet simple guide on how to get your Blockstream Jade hardware wallet up and running. Firstly, power up the device by either plugging it into a power source or by holding down the power button. If you plan to use Jade wirelessly, ensure the battery is fully charged. Then, initiate the setup by clicking on “Setup Jade”. You are then given the choice between a “Begin Setup” for a straightforward initialisation process and an “Advanced Setup” for more complex features like BIP39 passphrase and SeedQR. Importantly, only opt for the advanced setup if you’re confident about the potential implications. As the intricacy involved could potentially lead to the loss of funds.

At this point, you’ll need to decide on your Setup Method, either creating a new wallet or restoring an old wallet. The “Create New Wallet” option will generate a new recovery phrase and result in a fresh wallet, while the “Restore Wallet” option requires you to input an existing recovery phrase that you’ve used with a different hardware device or wallet. Next, write down your recovery phrase and ensure its secure storage. It’s important not to photograph it or store it digitally. Treat your recovery phrase as you would your physical wallet. It should never be entered on any other device unless in dire circumstances.

You then need to validate your recovery phrase backup by choosing the corresponding word from your written recovery phrase. Finally, to complete the setup, you’ll need to connect the Jade to a companion app via USB, BLE, or QR. Jade will not save your recovery phrase until the PIN setup process is complete. Don’t forget the cardinal rule – your PIN and recovery seed phrase are for your eyes only. Never share them with others.

How To Send A Transaction Or Sign For Multisig

send bitcoin or sign for multisig

Blockstream Jade hardware wallet is a versatile tool that facilitates both standard and multisig transactions. To initiate a transaction, you begin by logging into your Jade wallet via the wallet software. You’d then select the “Send” option, input your transaction details, including the recipient’s address and the amount you intend to send. The urgency of your transaction will determine the fee you choose. Once you are satisfied with the details, you can send the transaction.

The wallet then communicates this information to Jade for approval. You’d have to confirm that the address and amount on Jade match your intentions. After this verification, you select the checkmark to finalise the transaction. Jade will then transmit the signed transaction back to Green, and it will be broadcast to the Bitcoin blockchain.

For multisig transactions, Jade accommodates up to eight 8-of-8 multisig. After using Jade to set up a multisig wallet as one of the keys in your chosen wallet app, you can instruct Jade to register the wallet, either through USB or QR. Jade then processes each signer involved, and you need to confirm each one’s pertinent information. Once the registration is confirmed, Jade will automatically validate receive and change addresses during signing. Enhancing the security of your transactions.

About Blockstream


Blockstream, a real O.G company in Bitcoin and digital asset infrastructure, has been driven forward by industry hero’s like Adam Back and Erik Svenson. The firm has a pivotal role in revolutionising financial infrastructure, as evidenced by its exceptional product line. Blockstream Jade, the star product, serves as a secure cold-storage (?) solution for Bitcoin and Liquid Bitcoin, offering users a safe and streamlined approach to digital asset management.

Other noteworthy offerings from Blockstream include the Blockstream Green, Blockstream Mining and Blockstream Satellite. Each contributing to the overall enhancement of the Bitcoin ecosystem. By reshaping trust in the digital realm, Blockstream takes the lead in managing digital assets.

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