Bitcoin Inheritance

Bitcoin Inheritance – Leave Your Bitcoins To Your Loved Ones After Passing

bitcoin inheritance

Bitcoin inheritance or Bitcoin estate planning, which means securing your Bitcoin legacy is an integral part of managing your digital wealth. This process includes devising strategies that guarantee your Bitcoin holdings are safely transferred to your chosen successors upon your passing. 

The essence of Bitcoin security lies in the private keys: Basically a secret that grants access to your digital coins. If this knowledge is lost with the death of the holder, the Bitcoin becomes unattainable. The challenge of Bitcoin inheritance lies in concealing the private keys throughout your lifetime, while ensuring a secure method for your successors to access it after passing.

Multisignature is a great tool for Bitcoin inheritance, because it enables you to include 3rd parties without giving them acces to your coins. Collaborative custody can be used to setup a multisig scheme for inheritance, or it can be done by yourself.

Compare Bitcoin Inheritance Providers

compare bitcoin inheritance solutions

Several reputable Bitcoin inheritance providers are available to you. Offering collaborative custody in the form of multisig vaults, these providers add inheritance as an additional service. By creating a vault, not only will you be able to store your bitcoins securely throughout your lifetime, but you will also have a smooth transition process, aided by professionals, after your passing. Refer to the table below to compare the top Bitcoin inheritance solutions and sign up directly.

ProviderPriceQuorumExtra ServicesHardware More InfoSign Up!
the bitcoin adviser inheritanceThe Bitcoin AdviserOn Request2-of-3Advice, Education, Collaborative CustodyColdcard, Trezor, LedgerCONTACT!CONTACT!
unchained collaborative custodyUnchained
$200,- 2-of-3
Private Vaults, Business Vaults, Loans, Buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin IRA,
Coldcard, Trezor, LedgerMORE INFOSIGN UP!
casa multisigCasa
Standard – $250 / Year
Premium – $2100 / Year
Standard – 2-of-3
Premium – 3-of-5
Multisig VaultsColdcard, Trezor, LedgerMORE INFOSIGN UP!
nunchuck assisted multisigNunchuck
Honey Badger – $450 / YearHoney Badger – 2-of-4 Multisig Wallet, Multisig Vaults, Spending Conditions, Coldcard, Trezor, Ledger, Keystone, Passport, Blockstream Jade, TapsignerMORE INFOSIGN UP!

The Best Bitcoin Inheritance Solutions

the best bitcoin inheritance providers

When it comes to handling inheritance in the digital age, multisignature solutions offer an innovative and secure approach. These solutions leverage the power of law and cryptography to ensure the safe and seamless transfer of assets, making them a trusted choice for managing inheritance. Here, we will explore some of the most reputable and effective multisignature inheritance solutions available in the market today. They offer a blend of functionality, security, and affordability ensuring the peace of mind that your legacy will be handled as per your wishes.

The Bitcoin Adviser

the bitcoin adviser inheritance

The Bitcoin Adviser specialises in assisting clients in transferring their Bitcoin holdings to their descendants. The intricate nature of Bitcoin’s structure makes this transition more delicate than traditional asset transfers. By employing a variety of strategies including multisig methodologies and decentralised key management, the Bitcoin Consultant assures your inheritors can access your Bitcoin. Additionally, they offer continued guidance to the inheritors. Educating them about the worth of their acquired Bitcoin, its management and its prospective benefits for their future. The Bitcoin Adviser has a personal approach, to learn more about the setup and prices you have to contact them. Read more….



Unchained’s inheritance protocol ensures the seamless transition of Bitcoin investments to heirs in the event of a client’s passing. It operates on a 2 of 3 multisig system, with keys distributed between the client, Unchained, and a trusted estate manager. This setup doesn’t demand any Bitcoin-specific expertise from the heirs. Unchained’s trust vaults coupled with the protocol facilitate uncomplicated Bitcoin recovery.

Legal hurdles are also judiciously addressed with the protocol ensuring clear legal ownership of the Bitcoin, thereby preventing posthumous lawsuits. Privacy preservation is another highlight where the client has the option to share a seed phrase with an heir without divulging the details of their Bitcoin holdings. To sum up, Unchained’s ethos of secure, user-friendly, and comprehensive inheritance protocol for Bitcoin investments makes it a preferred choice for investors. Read more……


casa multisig

Casa provides a solution for passing on your Bitcoin or Ethereum investments to your heirs. Under their Private Client program, designed specifically for affluent individuals and families, they facilitate secure digital vault creation. This vault safeguards your assets against theft and mishaps while ensuring you retain access control. Casa’s key management service helps devise inheritance plans and secure your assets. Upon the appropriate time, Casa collaborates with your chosen Recovery Custodian to transfer your assets securely and straightforwardly to your heirs, assisting them throughout the process.

Casa’s Inheritance Plan also integrates with your estate plans, offering a smooth transition of your Bitcoin and/or Ethereum assets to your heirs. With a team of advisors bringing ease and understanding to crypto asset transfer, Casa provides reassurance during potentially challenging times. Besides, Casa stands by you at every stage, offering personalised support. With their secure storage and inheritance planning, you’re assured of protecting your digital wealth throughout your lifetime and beyond. Read more…..


nunchuck assisted multisig

Nunchuk’s inheritance service is a non-custodial, privacy-oriented solution that ensures your bitcoins are securely transferred to your heirs. You retain control over the unlocking timeframe, which can be a specific date, or whenever you decide to revoke it. The plan is recognized by a distinct Magic Phrase and safeguarded by a Backup Password. These can be managed solely by the Beneficiary, kept with a trustworthy guardian, or divided between the Beneficiary and a Trustee. Such versatility makes the plan suitable for various scenarios.

The activation of the plan happens on your chosen date, and the claim can be made by the Beneficiary or Trustee post this date, through account creation, fee payment, and correct provision of the Magic Phrase and Backup Password.Nunchuk only holds one key to your multisig wallet, and multiple keys are needed to retrieve funds, meaning Nunchuk never gains control over your bitcoins. This service is entirely digital and globally accessible. Read more…..

What Is Bitcoin Inheritance?

what is bitcoin inheritance

Holding Bitcoin in self-custody involves safeguarding the private key, which is essentially a secret. The security of the bitcoins is directly proportional to how well this secret is kept. This is why many bitcoins become inaccessible when the owner passes away – the secret was excellently kept and thus, dies with the holder. This presents a contradiction when it comes to Bitcoin possession: the better the bitcoins are secured, the more difficult it is for inheritors to gain access to them. Bitcoin inheritance aims to strike a balance in this dilemma, ensuring the bitcoins are secure throughout the owner’s lifetime, while also facilitating their transference to relatives upon the owner’s death.

Transferring the bitcoins to the relatives is two sided: The bitcoins themselves have to be send to the wallets of the receivers and the ownership rights have to be transferred in the legal system. The latter is depending on your situation: If you live in a country where Bitcoin is not a legal asset or if you choose to keep them private (non-KYC), this part might not be applicable to you.

Transfer Of Possession (Ownership Keys)

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Transfer Of Deed (Legal Ownership)

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DIY Bitcoin Inheritance

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Bitcoin Inheritance Tools

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Legal tools

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Technical tools

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