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The Bitcoin Adviser is a go-to platform that not only offers a collaborative custody service but also provides insightful guidance, risk management, and educational resources for Bitcoin investors of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned investor, the team at The Bitcoin Adviser is committed to assisting you in comprehending Bitcoin’s potential and realising your investment objectives.

With a suite of services that include keeping abreast with the latest Bitcoin news and aligning your strategies with the dynamics of value and wealth, they ensure you’re always ahead of the curve. They also stress the importance of grasping Bitcoin’s core tenets such as its capped supply of 21 million, the 4-yearly halvings and self custody. The Bitcoin Adviser team is comprised of experienced professionals, dedicated to making your Bitcoin journey strategic, informed, and prosperous.

Collaborative Custody With The Bitcoin Adviser

collaborative custody with the bitcoin adviser

When you want to hold your Bitcoin in a multisig vault in collaboration with The Bitcoin Adviser, you can create a multisig vault with them. The setup is a 2-of-3 multisig, where the private keys (?) are distributed between different parties to eliminate central points of failure. One private key will remain in your possession, Unchained Capital as a partner will hold one key and The Bitcoin Adviser will hold one key.

This setup is different from the other collaborative custody providers on our site, because the user doesn’t hold enough keys to control the funds alone. The downside is obviously that it gives the user less sovereignty over his money, because he needs at least one of the parties to cooperate to send his funds. The advantage is that there is less responsibility for the user, he can literally always recover his coins with the information held by the 3rd parties, even if he loses everything himself.

Also inheritance is easier in this setup, because just legally arranging an agreement that the private keys held by the 3rd parties are going to the relatives will do the job. Two keys are enough to acces the funds, and these parties together are holding two keys.

Signing Devices Compatible With The Bitcoin Adviser Collaborative Custody

In the collaborative custody setup where two keys will be held by other parties, you will hold one key yourself. To create this key you need one of the five supported signing devices. This are the hardware wallets that are compatible with the collaborative custody setup of The Bitcoin Adviser:

Services Of The Bitcoin Adviser

services the bitcoin adviser

The Bitcoin Adviser caters to Bitcoin investors by providing an array of services. Their expert investment guidance assists individuals in securing their Bitcoin investments and realising its potential. This expert advice is an invaluable tool for any investor looking for reassurance in their Bitcoin journey. With the notorious volatility of Bitcoin, risk mitigation becomes crucial. The Bitcoin Adviser deftly navigates this landscape, offering strategic advice to minimise possible loss. Enabling investors to sidestep potential investment pitfalls.

The ever-evolving world of Bitcoin continuously presents new technologies and investment scenarios. The Bitcoin Adviser keeps investors abreast with these incessant changes, helping them remain at the cutting-edge of investment opportunities. The team also enlightens investors about Bitcoin’s role in the impending financial revolution. Their guidance empowers investors to appreciate their participation in this paradigm shift, rather than viewing it as a mere investment.

Above all, the professional assistance from the experienced Bitcoin Adviser team ensures your voyage into Bitcoin investment is well-informed and successful. In essence, The Bitcoin Adviser serves as a powerful ally for anyone venturing into or continuing their Bitcoin investment journey. Pairing their profound expertise with your ambition unlocks a treasure trove of possibilities in the Bitcoin universe

The Team

the team

The Bitcoin Adviser’s team is led by the dynamic duo of Peter Dunworth and Andy Pattinson. Peter Dunworth, a partner in the venture, leverages his extensive industry understanding to simplify intricate Bitcoin subjects for the average person. Andy Pattinson, another partner, stands out due to his wealth of experience in the tech and sales sectors. He is also the mastermind behind the affiliated platform,, which offers insights into Bitcoin investment opportunities within self-managed super funds.

This team of Bitcoin Advisers consistently keeps an eye on the ever-evolving global Bitcoin market trends and regulations, to deliver personalised Bitcoin advice that suits individual requirements. Noteworthy members of this knowledgeable team include highly respected Twitter influencers such as Luke Broyles and Hodlnaut.

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