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Setup Multisignature And Bitcoin Inheritance With Bitcoin Keeper

bitcoin keeper multisig and inheritance

Bitcoin Keeper is a privacy-centric and secure multisig wallet available to users across the globe free of cost. This unique wallet allows users to purchase Bitcoin directly into their personal vaults, thereby bypassing the need for a separate exchange. It’s also compatible with BIP-85 (?) wallets for daily purposes or for connecting external wallets. Moreover, it features an automatic transfer function that activates once a specified limit is reached.

For users who lack a hardware wallet, Bitcoin Keeper presents alternate options including a Mobile Key, Soft Key, Signing Server and a secondary Custodian App. Users can rely on any preferred signing tool to establish robust multisignature security.

The wallet stands out for its commitment to privacy. Registration or email is not necessary, and no KYC is needed for inheritance purposes. It even supports the Tor network for enhanced privacy. There are some paid plans coming soon, with extra features like inheritance planning.

Which Signing Devices Can Be Used With Bitcoin Keeper?

compatible signing devices

Bitcoin Keeper, a leading multisig app, is notable for its robust support of hardware wallets. With the focus on providing a secure and intuitive interface for Bitcoin transactions, the compatibility with hardware wallets significantly escalates the security levels. These wallets, akin to personal Bitcoin vaults, store users’ private keys (?) offline, shielding them from potential online threats and hacking attempts.

This integration with Bitcoin Keeper ensures users enjoy a seamless experience, combining high-security measures with the app’s user-friendly features. The following hardware devices are supported:

Features Bitcoin Keeper App

features bitcoin keeper

Bitcoin Keeper, a secure Bitcoin wallet, offers an array of feature-rich options that empower users to safely manage their assets. Uniquely, Keeper prioritises privacy with no demand for sign-ups, KYC for Inheritance or email disclosures. Users can enhance their privacy further by connecting their own node or enabling Tor options for superior network privacy. The wallet can be used for free, but there are some paid plans that give you extra features.

In an effort to provide comprehensive privacy, Keeper integrates Tor into its app, granting users access to Bitcoin’s network in a shielded environment, thus ensuring the confidentiality of their financial transactions.

Moreover, Keeper introduces non-hardware signing alternatives. With the Hodler tier, users can sign using signing servers and mobile keys, eliminating the need for hardware devices when setting up and using their multisig Vaults. Keeper also innovates with its auto-transfer function that allows for an effortless transfer of funds from users’ single-sig wallet to their multisig vault once a preset limit is reached. This smart feature offers the assurance that users’ funds remain secure at all times, even in their absence.

General Features

Multisig Features

Multisignature With The Keeper App

multisig with bitcoin keeper

Bitcoin Keeper offers an unparalleled level of protection for your Bitcoin holdings. One of its distinct features is the Inheritance Support, which aligns with your existing estate plan, offering advice, tools and templates to ensure a smooth and secure transfer of your Bitcoin assets to the next generation. Keeper also boasts a watch-only wallets feature. This enables users to securely keep tabs on their funds and transactions without risking exposure of their private keys, offering a balanced blend of oversight and security.

The Collaborative Wallet feature is another security-enhancing element provided by Bitcoin Keeper. It permits one wallet to function as a dedicated signing component in the multisignature setup. This feature bolsters control and security of funds by requiring shared authorization for transactions, thereby fortifying defences against unauthorised activities.

The Inheritance Key feature is an integral part of Keeper’s offerings. It ensures a smooth asset transfer while retaining control over the financial legacy through a 3-of-6 multisig setup, where one key functions as the Inheritance Key. Lastly, Keeper simplifies the process of restoring your multisig vault using Output Descriptors. This feature uses descriptor-based setups, making it easier for users to rebuild their multisignature wallet’s complex structure.

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