With A Tapsigner You Can Sign Fast and Easy

5 Reasons to Use a Tapsigner and Highly Secure Multisig Setups

Sign fast and easy for a Bitcoin transaction. Just tap on the smartphone
signing with nfc
You can simply tap on a NFC compatible device to sign

Do you recognise this dilemma? You want the security of multisignature, but you don’t want the hassle to transact? The Tapsigner makes it possible. With a smart multisig setup it will give you both security and ease of use!

Multisig is the most secure way to store bitcoins, but it is more complicated. You have to collect signatures to make a transaction. This can be hard and time consuming. The Tapsigner solves this. You just tap the device on your phone. That’s it! 

The Tapsigner is not only easy to use. It is very portable. The card like device is easy to hide while traveling. You can use it with a Lighting node. It is easy to backup. And, if you are worried about your bitcoins after your passing? You can use the Tapsigner for an inheritance setup. We will describe this setup later.

Imagine having your shiny bitcoins safely in a concrete bunker covered with barb wire. You need multiple keys to open the heavy metal door. But wait! You can snap with your fingers, and the door opens. This is what multisig with a Tapsigner feels like.

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5 Reasons to Use a Tapsigner

tapsigner metro design
Especially with the metro design, its very hard to see that it is a Bitcoin device

You want a secure, easy and cheap multisig setup? The Tapsigner could be a great addition to satisfy these needs. It is a simple and unique signing device. Adding it to your setup will make your multisig more user friendly and more customisable.

The device can handle raw transactions and partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBTs) (?). You can use it for app authentication, but this is not widely implemented yet. 

1) Easy signing

The device is equipped with NFC. You can sign for a transaction by tapping on a smartphone or NFC enabled laptop. You can sign literally within a second.

2) Cheapest signing device

The Tapsigner is the cheapest signing device listed on our website. Adding it to your multisig will safe you money. This means that you can stack more Sats. You will have more Bitcoin left to Hodl!

3) Very Portable Signing Device

The Tapsigner is a hardware wallet in the size of a credit card. This means that you can cary it in your wallet like any other card. You want to pay? Pull it out of your wallet and tap it on your phone.

4) Not recognisable as Bitcoin device

If you hold the device in your wallet while you are traveling, it will not easily be recognised as a Bitcoin device by customs or other meddlers. To make it even better, you can get the metro card edition that looks exactly like that, a metro card. This makes the Tapsigner a perfect device for a multisig wallet to use for traveling. 

5) Secure Encrypted Backup

You will get a high level of security by the way the backup works. It also gives you more customisability for inheritance for example. To backup the Tapsigner you have to digitally store the backup file and store the code displayed on the card. The digital backup is an encrypted backup seed. You can easily decrypt it. Combine your backup file and the code on the card and you can recover your wallet. You should store both the digital backup and a copy of the code of the card in a safe location. 

Features Tapsigner

Tapsigner stands out with its impressive suite of features designed to provide a seamless and secure experience for users. Its unique ability to offer verifiable entropy ensures utmost security, by allowing only the device to have control over the private key that governs the Bitcoin. Additionally, Tapsigner offers a simple and secure backup mechanism, facilitating the ease of backing up into a file. One of the standout features is the NFC card that Tapsigner provides. This card offers a quick and easy user experience, streamlining various interactions. 

Moreover, this innovative device showcases its versatility by supporting a wide range of functionalities, including phone wallet cosigning, operating Lightning Network channels, utilising an NFC module with a Lightning Network node, signing messages, and facilitating collaborative multisig service applications. Tapsigner also handles raw transactions and partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBTs) (?) via HWI, and can even be used for app authentication. The security aspect of Tapsigner is not to be overlooked, as it uses AES encryption for the master private key with a 16-byte key printed on the card’s reverse side. This encrypted backup file, when combined with the key, allows for easy recovery of the master private key.

General Features

USABILITYrating 4.5 star
TRUSTrating 4 star
SECURITYrating 3.5 star
OPEN SOURCEAuditable Source Code
TOR SUPPORTDepending On Used Wallet

Multisig Features

COMPATIBILITYrating 3 star

Multisignature With The Tapsigner

multisig with tapsigner

The device is suitable for any multisig setup, as long as the wallet being used is compatible. Compatible multisig wallets include Sparrow, Nunchuck and Bitcoin Keeper. In a 2-of-4 setup, the Tapsigner is employed as the inheritance key for assisted multisig with Nunchuck. The device’s affordability, user-friendliness and portability make it an excellent addition to your multisig.

Should you wish to frequently use the funds in your multisig wallet and desire a convenient and simple spending process, the Tapsigner is the ideal device. You can configure a 2-of-3 multisig on your phone with one mobile key, a Tapsigner and another hardware wallet as a backup key. When you want to make a transaction, your mobile key will sign automatically within the app, and the second signature can be obtained simply by tapping your phone with the Tapsigner. As a safety measure, securely store the hardware wallet containing the third key in a safe location. In case one of the other keys gets lost, you can use this key to recover your funds. This makes the Tapsigner an essential tool for secure and convenient spending from your multisig wallet.

About Coinkite

about coinkite

Coinkite has positioned itself at the forefront of the Bitcoin hardware industry, with its launch timed around block 141,000. The company has been acclaimed for its advanced security measures and user-focused designs, especially seen in their flagship product, the Tapsigner. This device is part of an extensive product range, which also boasts Opendime, Coldcard, Blockclock, Satcard, and Satschip.

Coinkite’s philosophy of “Don’t Trust–Verify” underscores their commitment to creating secure Bitcoin hardware that keeps private keys offline. Collaborations, such as the one with Nunchuk for a Bitcoin custody solution, further enhance their offerings. In essence, Coinkite’s dedication to security, innovation and user experience.

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