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Experience the power and convenience of BlueWallet, an innovative Bitcoin-exclusive wallet made with a user-centric approach. Emerging from the turbulence of the 2017 Bitcoin fork wars, BlueWallet stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Whether you’re an iOS user or an Android fan, BlueWallet is your go-to platform for Bitcoin asset management.

With BlueWallet, Bitcoin management is not just streamlined, it’s also highly secure. Trust BlueWallet to take care of your Bitcoin assets in the most efficient and secure manner. With a focus on usability, security and customer support. BlueWallet is set to revolutionise your Bitcoin experience.

Which Signing Devices Does BlueWallet Support?

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BlueWallet’s security is significantly enhanced by the use of signing devices which are pivotal to its operation. They provide an invaluable layer of protection for your Bitcoin transactions by facilitating the offline signing of transactions. These devices generate either a QR code or a file that can be conveniently scanned or exported. This feature positions BlueWallet as an ideal choice for air gapped (?) multisignature transactions, where an extra degree of security is essential.

With BlueWallet, you will find robust support for air gapped devices. These features cater to the security-focused users who prioritise the safety of their Bitcoin holdings and transactions. By utilising signing devices and air gapped multisignature, BlueWallet ensures your Bitcoin transactions are always secure, reliable and efficient. Below a list with compatible hardware wallets:

Features Of BlueWallet

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Experience the future of Bitcoin transactions with BlueWallet, a revolutionary Bitcoin wallet tailored for both iOS and Android devices. BlueWallet stands out in the crowded Bitcoin market with its range of user-friendly features, catering to both newcomers and bitcoin veterans alike. For those stepping into the world of Bitcoin, BlueWallet serves as a user-friendly and secure Bitcoin Wallet. Simplifying the process of sending, receiving and securely storing Bitcoin. It’s ideal for those wishing to monitor their balance securely without risking exposure of their private keys (?), thanks to the Watch-only Wallet feature.

Security-conscious users will appreciate the Multisig Vault. It leverages the strength of multiple keys to create wallets. Offering the highest level of protection within the Bitcoin protocol. Meanwhile, the Lightning Wallet feature is perfect for those ready to embrace the future of Bitcoin transactions, offering lightning-fast transactions at negligible costs.

Moreover, BlueWallet extends its accessibility further with a Desktop App and compatibility with Apple Watch, allowing you to manage your Bitcoin transactions across multiple devices seamlessly. With a balance of simplicity, robust security and innovative features. BlueWallet redefines what a Bitcoin wallet can be, setting the benchmark in the industry. Optimise your Bitcoin experience with BlueWallet, the radically simple and yet immensely powerful Bitcoin wallet.

General Features

USABILITYrating 4.5 star
TRUSTrating 4.5 star
SECURITYrating 4 star
PRIVACYrating 4 star
OPEN SOURCEFully Open Source (FOSS)
CONSENSUS SOURCEOwn Node or Public Node Via Electrum Server

Multisig Features

COMPATIBILITYrating 3.5 star

Multisignature With BlueWallet

multisig with bluewallet

BlueWallet’s Multisignature feature is a unique security-focused aspect, providing an advanced level of protection for your Bitcoin holdings. Think of it as a secure vault that necessitates multiple keys to access your Bitcoin assets. This feature is particularly beneficial for substantial Bitcoin amounts and cold storage (?). Establishing a Multisig Vault through BlueWallet is an uncomplicated process, and you retain complete control over the key quantity and address types. Plus, BlueWallet’s powerful import function ensures smooth import or recovery of any setup. Making it synergistic with a wide variety of wallets.

A prominent benefit of the Multisig Vault is its safe backup capability for all signing keys (?) and pubkeys (?) concurrently. This mechanism guarantees the security of your Bitcoin even in case of device loss. Moreover, the backup and distribution of your coordination setup (pubkeys) are made effortless, offering advanced protection. To further boost security, BlueWallet’s Multisig Vault fully supports Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBTs) (?) and Quick Response (QR) codes. Enabling you to sign transactions offline in a completely air gapped environment. Hence maintaining the confidentiality of your private keys.

Opting for BlueWallet’s Multisig Vault is a step towards enhanced Bitcoin security, ensuring your digital assets are always protected, no matter what. Trust BlueWallet for an unmatchable Bitcoin security experience.

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