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Enhance Security With Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme (SSSS)

shamir's secret sharing

In today’s digital era, the secure storage of Bitcoin is important to prevent theft, loss or unforeseen mishaps. A groundbreaking method that offers superior security features is known as Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme or SSSS. This technique enables the splitting of a backup seed (?) into multiple segments, thereby minimising the threats linked with a single point of failure.

Through this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into the workings of Shamir’s Secret Sharing. Examining its numerous advantages, the way it contrasts with multisignature methods, and how it can be used in combination with multisignature to create an even more secure configuration. Discover the power of Shamir’s Secret Sharing, the smart solution to safeguarding your Bitcoin holdings.

What is Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme?

what is shamir's secret sharing

The cryptographic algorithm known as Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme (SSSS) offers a unique approach to safeguarding your Bitcoin backup seed by dividing it into multiple sections, also referred to as ‘shares’. This innovative protocol contrasts starkly with conventional backup methods, which typically rely on a single storage point, thereby presenting a single point of failure risk. SSSS, on the other hand, mitigates this issue by diversifying the shares across a variety of locations.

To retrieve the original seed and regain access to your Bitcoin wealth, a certain number of shares, referred to as the ‘threshold (?)‘ or M-of-N value, is necessary. To put it in perspective, if you have a 2-of-3 setup, you’d need at least two out of three shares to reconstruct the seed. The beauty of SSSS is that it allows for customisation of this threshold based on individual security needs and the total number of generated shares.

With the ingenious distribution of shares across distinct locations and the necessary threshold for recovery, SSSS stands as a formidable barricade against theft, accidental loss and even catastrophic events such as flooding or fire. The system retains its robustness even in the event of some shares being lost or compromised. As long as you have the critical threshold of shares, the original seed can be reconstructed. Ensuring uninterrupted access to your Bitcoin.

What Are The Benefits?


Shamir’s Secret Sharing (SSS) offers a robust solution to the potential loss or theft of bitcoins, a common risk associated with single-key digital assets. By leveraging the power of SSS, the critical seed can be divided and securely stored across various physical or digital locations. This diversification significantly mitigates the risk of a single-point failure, guaranteeing the safety of your bitcoins even if one location becomes compromised or inaccessible.

Unlike traditional backup methods, SSS utilises cutting-edge cryptographic techniques, rendering any attempt to reconstruct the original seed without the required shares futile. The scheme’s customisable nature is another compelling feature, offering the flexibility to set the threshold value (M-of-N) as per your preference and security needs. Furthermore, SSS serves as a reliable disaster recovery solution, ensuring that your bitcoins remain recoverable in case of physical calamities like fires or floods.

This is made possible by the distribution of shares across geographically diverse locations, thus insulating your assets from location-specific threats. Broadly, SSS exemplifies the perfect blend of security, flexibility and resilience in securing your Bitcoin.

Implement It

implement SSSS

If you’re looking to secure your digital assets using Shamir’s Secret Sharing, taking a manual approach can be hard and risky. It’s not a route we’d advise you to chart. Instead, we recommend harnessing the power of tried-and-tested tools that align with industry standards, providing you with a seamless and safe experience. These tools are designed to streamline the process, minimising the risk of missteps that could put your seed or bitcoins in jeopardy. Let’s dive into some of the most effective tools for implementing this amazing feature:

Beyond being user-friendly, these tools have the added advantage of being fortified against common security threats. You’ll be able to distribute your secret (like a Bitcoin seed) into multiple shares, adding an extra layer of security. Remember, in the world of digital assets, safeguarding your seeds by leveraging the power of Shamir’s Secret Sharing could be the decision that keeps your bitcoins secure.

Hardware Wallets That Support Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme

hardware wallets that support shamir's secret sharing

Recognised for their unparalleled security, hardware wallets have become the standard for storing bitcoins safely. These devices excel at generating and safeguarding private keys, keeping them segregated from potential risks. Significantly, certain models feature Shamir’s Secret Sharing, allowing for an even greater level of security by generating shares directly on the device.

The Trezor Model T is an outstanding example of a hardware wallet that integrates this feature. Adopting the SLIP39 standard, the Trezor Model T can generate backup seed shares, extending its functionality beyond mere storage. It allows for the creation of 2 to 16 shares, making it an ideal fit for various scenarios, including sharing with relatives for backup, succession planning, and beyond. By automating the creation and recovery of shares on the device itself, the Trezor Model T provides a seamless and secure solution for utilising Shamir’s Secret Sharing.

Equally noteworthy is the Keystone wallet, another robust hardware wallet leveraging Shamir’s Secret Sharing for enhanced security. This modern, air-gapped device, replete with cutting-edge features, offers the versatility to split the backup seed into multiple shares. Keystone’s product line includes two models: The Keystone 3 and the Keystone Pro 3. Both models support the feature, making Keystone a strong contender in the arena of secure bitcoin storage.

Steel Backups for Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme

steel wallet that support ssss

In the sphere of Shamir’s Secret Sharing implementation, steel backups provide an excellent solution, combining durability with fire resistance. They also offer compatibility with various wallet types, including hardware wallets that generate a 24-word seed. This feature introduces an element of adaptability, Enabling you to select a device that dovetails perfectly with your unique preferences and stringent security requirements.

Among the available options, the Billfodl Multishard stands out as a particularly versatile choice. Specifically designed to work harmoniously with Shamir’s Secret Sharing, it provides the advantage of distributing shares across multiple plates. This feature enhances flexibility and ensures that your shares are not concentrated in a single location. The physical robustness of the Billfodl Multishard allows it to withstand hefty impacts. Thus providing long-lasting security for your shares.

Shamir’s Secret Sharing VS Multisignature

shamir's secret sharing vs multisig

Shamir’s Secret Sharing (SSSS) and multisignature offer distinct security features for Bitcoin storage, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. SSSS, which generates shares from a single seed on a single device, differs from multisignature that is build from multiple Bitcoin addresses (?) into a single multisignature address, effectively enhancing security against device failure and supply chain attacks.

Shamir’s secret sharing presents certain vulnerabilities, requiring the seed to be regenerated for each transaction if the shares are with multiple parties, creating potential security risks and time-consuming processes. Conversely, multisignature transactions streamline the process, needing only the signatures of the agreeing parties, thereby minimising the information leakage risk.

In terms of decision-making, SSS allocates entire ownership to the one recreating the seed. Meanwhile, multisignature promotes collective decisions, keeping each participant’s information confidential. Combining the two could result in a more secure Bitcoin storage system, leveraging both the individual strengths of SSS and multisignature. This exploration of their utility and security can offer valuable insights for users in the world of Bitcoin.

Using Shamir’s Secret Sharing in Combination With Multisignature

shamir's secret sharing in combination with multisig

Shamir’s Secret Sharing (SSSS) and multisignature serve as robust security strategies for bitcoin storage, eliminating risk points and reinforcing security. A clever deployment of SSSS combined with a multisignature setup ensures not only maximum safety during the owner’s lifetime but also a seamless transition of bitcoins to inheritors post-demise.

For example, a 2-of-3 multisignature setup can be created and stored in varied secure locations. One key’s seed in a home safe, a second in a commercial vault accessible with a death certificate and a third utilising a Trezor Model T with a 7-of-10 SSSS setup. The shares can be distributed among ten trusted family members.

This arrangement imparts resilience against illicit access, requiring a collusion of at least seven family members and the possession of a key from the home safe or vault. Yet, it facilitates legitimate inheritance: On the presentation of a death certificate, family members can access the first key and with seven out of ten SSSS shares they can also acces the second key. Enabling the transfer of bitcoins to new owners. Thus, by meshing SSSS and multisignature, a secure yet flexible bitcoin storage and inheritance system can be achieved.


In the rapidly changing environment of Bitcoin, implementing robust security measures is crucial. One such powerful solution that bolsters the protection of your Bitcoin assets is Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme. This advanced protocol enhances Bitcoin security by removing single points of failure and strategically spreading shares across various locations. Integrating Shamir’s Secret Sharing with the multisignature approach creates a highly resilient and adaptable setup that optimises the safeguarding of your digital currency.

However, while Shamir’s Secret Sharing is a potent tool in the cybersecurity arsenal, it is pivotal to select trusted hardware wallets or steel backup solutions for its deployment. By adhering to industry best practices and employing reliable tools, you can protect your Bitcoins against theft, loss and unexpected disasters. Offering you a sense of security in the dynamic digital finance landscape.

This amazing feature not only decentralises your security setup but also offers a scalable solution for large corporations and individual investors alike. It’s an additional layer of protection that gives control back to the owner. Ensuring that your digital assets are secured the way you want them to be. With Shamir’s Secret Sharing, you can rest assured knowing your Bitcoin investments are guarded with top-notch security protocols.

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